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Probably some of the most famous radioactive anything is Fiestaware, due to containing a brilliant orange dye made from UO3 uranium oxide. Yet another is "vaseline" or "depression" or "custard" glass, all died green with alkali-diuranates, such as Na2U2O7·6H2O or something similar. Oddly enough, almost any uranium oxide you throw in molten glass will turn into something similar, so you can throw dark black oxides into glass and still get green.

Although uranium glass and glazes are considered a thing of the past, there are a few manufacturers still out there, including private manufacturers, and a few companies have confirmed in emails that they are still making it.

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Uranium Glass

Uranium oxides, or other uranium compounds, can be thrown into molten glass to form a beautiful bright green/yellow glass, due to the uranium forming diuranates of sodium, which happen to be highly fluorescent in ultraviolet light. This makes them look VERY vivid green in sunlight, and can make awesome pictures like this one.

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Uranium Trioxide Orange!

UO3, or uranium trioxide, is the chemical behind the famously bright orange(and radioactive) glaze used in oh so many vintage ceramics. You can still find it from time to time at flea markets, so naturally anytime I do I buy it for my collection . So far, this is my ENTIRE collection of orange glazed items(with some non-radioactive ones mixed in, just because they were part of a set..)

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Uranium-Orange Mini Pitcher

This adorable little orange pitcher was the first orange radioactive thing I owned, and I purchased it at a local flea market from a lady who recognizes me for 50 cents.. I later found it's exact double at an antique store, once again for 50 cents. No brand markings or anything of the sort, probably a fairly cheap brand of the 40-60s.

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