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(Quoted from the unintentional page)Radioactivity is just another aspect of elements that many people fear because it's so different from the normal things we look for in materials (like melting points, strength, reflectiveness, transparency) but all in all radioactivity is just another trait that can easily be used for many useful things. This page is dedicated to useful and legitimate uses of radioactive material specifically because it is radioactive.

This is my collection!

Travel Alarm Clocks

These are one of the most commonly found uses of radium-luminous paint, the folding travel alarm clock, consisting of a nice little box with a clock inside, when opened, the clock folds neatly out so it can be set on a night table next to your bed, and when you leave your hotel the next morning, simply snatch it from the table and it will fold into it's neat little case. Note: The three in the back are intact, the others are missing their case(acquired cheap from a clock repair hobbyist), and I have one loose face (Heavily varnished, no worries) from one that I dismantled.

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Baltimore Radium Watch

This is a vintage pocket watch from about 1930-50s made by Ingraham clocks, and is particularly precious to me because it goes right out and says "RADIUM" on the dial, and there's nothing I like more then something that states the presence of an element. Sadly when I got it it was, as you can tell by the picture, pretty beat up, and missing it's front glass which makes it very dangerous, some of the radium paint has already flaked off the dial and there's hardly any left on the hands.. Immediately after this picture it was carefully sealed in a plastic bag, never to be disturbed again.

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Westclox Radium

Westclox is a nice old clock company which, on numerous occasions, employed radium-luminous paint on the numbers of it's many clocks. This specific series named either Big Ben or Baby Ben is one of my favorite to collect, because they tend to be highly radioactive, and because we share a name. The clock face in the front is believed to be pre-1930s, and is varnished to assure radium doesn't get everywhere.

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Polonium Spark Plug

This spark plug produced in the 1940s was advertised as containing polonium, which was a well known name at the time, back when radioactivity was a fresh new science that was thought to be the miracle cure to everything. It might seem useless to put radioactive material in a spark plug, but in all actuality radioactivity ionizes the air around it, and ionized air conducts electricity better, which in this case means it's more likely to make better sparks. It's unlikely this tiny amount actually did much, and polonium has a half life of only 138 days, so after a year the effects would be gone either way... Almost 70 years old now.

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Timex Watch

Beautiful little Timex brand wrist watch, looks like the hands might be gold or gold plated, and it has radium paint on the hands. Not just any radium paint, but paint with emphasis on RADIUM, being twice as active as most my watches with much less paint. You can also tell because the radium areas are burned brown, where as less radium-thick paint will look green or white.

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